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Embark on a Nurturing Mental Health Journey with Dr. Arman Ouveysi 

 Navigating through the mental health challenges can be an intricate journey, yet with Dr. Arman Ouveysi, a dedicated General Practitioner specialising in mental health, you are not alone. Addressing various mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, OCD, and more, can indeed be daunting, but rest assured, Dr. Ouveysi utilizes his knowledge of physical and mental health to deliver thorough, holistic, and wholesome care. With a perpetual commitment to evolving in the fields of psychology and psychiatry, he strives to provide the most up-to-date and effective care possible 

A Safe Harbor for Your Mental Health Concerns

 Dr. Ouveysi, a member of the Australian Society of Psychological Medicine with supplementary training in psychology, establishes a haven where you can explore and navigate your mental health concerns freely and without judgment. Crafting a sanctuary of safety and understanding, he firmly believes in a collaborative approach to mental health. Thus, when necessitated, he collaborates with psychiatrists and psychologists, ensuring you benefit from a wealth of expertise and receive strategies precisely tailored to your unique journey.

 Investing in Your Mental Wellbeing Understanding the paramount importance of mental health

 Dr. Ouveysi offers 60-minute mental health consultations, ardently dedicated to your well-being. Please note, sessions run for 60 minutes with an out-of-pocket fee of $189. 

Doctor consultation with a patient regarding available health services
Dr Arman Ouvesy

Dr Arman Ouveysi is a holistic and caring GP. He is experienced in diagnosing complex conditions and managing mental health issues