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ADHD Assessment and Management

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ADHD Assessment and Management services at Melbourne locations -Diamond Creek and Ivanhoe

The Local Doctor GP Clinic is excited to offer patients ADHD Assessment and Management at Melbourne suburbs, Diamond Creek and Ivanhoe, with the fantastic Dr Allen Macbell (Ivanhoe) and Dr. Arman Ouveysi (Diamond Creek) 

How your journey will look: 

  1. Comprehensive Assessment and Personalised Care Planning:
    Your journey begins with a thorough assessment of your unique situation, leading to a personalised care plan designed just for you.
  1. Expert Referrals to Specialised ADHD Psychiatrists and Psychologists:
    We connect you with a leading ADHD specialist who understands your challenges and are dedicated to guiding you towards effective solutions

  2. Medication Management and Supervision by your GP:
    Experience carefully monitored medication prescriptions and supervision by the expert hands of Dr. Allen Macbell (Ivanhoe) or Dr. Arman Ouveysi (Diamond Creek), ensuring the effectiveness and safety of your treatment.

  3. Seamless Healthcare Team Coordination:
    We orchestrate a collaborative approach, working closely with your psychiatrist, psychologist, and other experts to ensure a well-rounded care experience

  4. Customized Mental Health Plans:
    Tailored mental health plans guide you towards balanced well-being, embracing your unique journey.

  5. Promoting Optimal Physical and Mental Health:
    My integrated approach focuses not only on symptom management but also on promoting your overall health, both physically and mentally

We understand the urgency of your needs. Experience prompt care with a waiting time of less than 1 week. Plus, as we are affiliated with top psychiatrists, the typical wait time for an appointment is around 1 month, ensuring you receive timely care without the long delays seen elsewhere.


ADHD Assessment and Management

Dr. Macbell is a compassionate and highly skilled general practitioner with a focus on modern medicine across diverse medical areas

Dr Arman Ouvesy

Dr Arman Ouveysi is a holistic and caring GP. He is experienced in diagnosing complex conditions and managing mental health issues