Flu Vaccines now available
Flu Vaccines now available
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At The Local Doctor, we offer a comprehensive vaccination service including….

Routine Childhood vaccines 
Routine childhood vaccines commence at 6 weeks of age. For the 6 week immunisation consultation, an appointment should also be booked with your treating doctor who will perform a thorough new born check. It is recommended for the mother to book a post-partum checkup with your doctor as well.Subsequent routine vaccines are booked with the practice nurse and are bulk-billed for patients with a Medicare card.
The government funds routine childhood immunisations with the exception of Bexero which covers Meningococcal B.

Meningococcal B is the second most common cause of meningococcal disease. This immunisation is not currently covered under the National Immunisation Schedule. The price is generally $100 – $120 per dose (from your local pharmacy), and dependent on age up to 3 doses may be required.

Influenza vaccine
The Influenza vaccine is recommended annually for everyone aged 6 months and above.

COVID Vaccine
Our clinic currently have Pfizer vaccine available and can be booked online.

Travel Vaccines
Please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss which travel vaccines are appropriate for your travel itinerary.