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Our doctors are qualified to perform all employment-related medical assessments. We provide pre-employment medicals and employment medical assessments that are comprehensive and tailored to your profession and industry. 

Pre-employment Medicals

Pre-employment medicals are important for both employees and employers to safely introduce a candidate into the requirements of a role in a specific environment. 

Some industry and employment situations where pre-employment medical checks may be required include:

Medical Assessments, Examinations and Screening For Work

The need for a medical examination or assessment for work is dependant upon legal, employer and duty requirements to perform your job safely.  Depending upon industry and occupational specific requirements, the medical checks undertaken for work will vary, and your employer will advise you of what medical and health checks they require. Our doctors offer the following employment medicals to assess fitness for work:  

  • Onsite drug and alcohol screening; Urine Drug Screen
  • Audiometry
  • Vision testing, including colour testing and peripheral vision
  • Spirometry (lung function testing)
  • Hernia identification
  • Musculoskeletal assessments including joint of range of motion and tests of strength
  • Standard medical examinations (Blood pressure, Body Mass Index, Urinalysis)
  • ECG
  • Functional capacity assessments

Pre-employment Medical Test Video – All You Need To Know: Credit: Adzuna

Employee Health and Counselling Services

Our doctors also offer other employment related health and medical services beyond pre-employment medicals to staff. These services include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Executive health assessments
  • Corporate Skin Checks
  • Vaccination programs
  • Adjustment to injury counselling
  • Onsite physiotherapy

If there is an employee health service that you require that is not listed above, please reach out to us, as there isn’t much that we don’t offer, and we will do our utmost to accommodate your needs.

Book an Appointment

To book a pre-employment medical at one of our clinics in Melbourne, follow the booking prompts below. As an employer or employee, if you require further information on any of our employee medical services, please contact us on (03) 8373 4646

Man wearing hardhat feeling the back of his neck in pain as he awaits a medical examination
Taxi driver transporting passengers after receiving employment medical assessment
Moving train driven by a driver who has completed their medical assessment and met National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers