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The Local Doctor Ivanhoe is a General Practice offering a broad range of general health services including preventive health and chronic disease management, Skin Checks, Laser, Anti-ageing and Cosmetic Procedures, along with Women’s Health, Shared Care for Pregnancy, Vaccinations, Iron Infusions and minor surgical procedures.

We promote excellence in health by providing comprehensive health care for the patients in our community. We are caring, friendly, and thorough.

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Weekdays 9am to 6pm
Weekends & Public Holidays Closed

Our Services

There is very little that we do not offer at our clinics. If there is something you need from us, not listed below, get in touch, and we will do everything we can to help.

Young girl talking with female GP in doctors clinic
Doctor conducting a skin check by examining mole on patients shoulder with a magnifying glass


Dom Grech
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The Local Doctor Ivanhoe is a beautifully presented practice with exceptional practitioners. If you are local or otherwise this GP is brilliant with a number of doctors to suit your specific need.
Judy Starling
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Hands down the best doctors clinic i have EVER been to. There is herbal tea, friendly receptionists and the Doctors there are incredible. It feels like I am going to a spa, not a doctors surgery. I have told everyone about this place. Highly recommend
Connor Darroch
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Great, clean facilities and friendly staff and doctors
Bamshad Mohajer
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I will strongly recommend visiting The Local Doctor Ivanhoe if you want to be taken care of a responsible and professional team. I am visiting Dr. Chris for a while as I had some serious health issues for the past few months. He is a very knowledgeable, accurate and friendly doctor and his cares and responsibilities for the patients don’t end when you leave his room.



Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine-based approach to treating a variety of conditions by triggering specific points on the skin with needles.

Acupuncture is a minimally invasive method to stimulate nerve-rich areas of the skin surface in order to influence tissues, gland, organs, and various functions of the body.

Woman laying face down looking relaxed as she receives acupuncture treatment in Melbourne with acupuncture needles applied to her back for pain relief and management

Meet your Ivanhoe Doctors

Dr Edward Hinch smiling towards camera with medical clinic blurred in the background

Dr Edward Hinch

Dr Liselle Fernandes seated in medical clinic with stethoscope draped across shoulders inside the GP clinic

Dr Liselle Fernandes

Dr Grace Ho, a female GP, smiling inside the GP Clinic

Dr Grace Ho

Dr Chris Irwin smiling as he greets patients at his medical clinic

Dr Chris Irwin

Melbourne GP and Acupuncturist Wendy Yu

Dr Wendy Yu

Dr Amita Roy

Dr Amita Roy

A woman laying in bed suffering from fatigue due to an iron deficiency


Iron Infusions

Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in Australia and remains one of the most underdiagnosed conditions in general practice.1 It is estimated that about 8% of the premenopausal adult female population has biochemical iron deficiency, with less than one-quarter being anaemic.1 The consequences of this condition can be subtle and the cause is often multifactorial