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Iron Infusions

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An iron infusion helps restore low iron levels so that your body can function effectively.

What does it mean to have an iron deficiency?

Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies in Australia and remains one of the most under diagnosed conditions in general practice. It is estimated that about 8% of the premenopausal adult female population has biochemical iron deficiency, with less than one-quarter being anaemic. The consequences of this condition can be subtle, and the cause is often multifactorial.

What can I expect when receiving an Iron infusion?

Once you have booked in to receive your iron infusion at one of our medical centres, you will be required to allow an hour for your treatment.

Our friendly nurse will take you into our treatment room, and prepare you for the infusion. Once you are ready to receive the infusion, your doctor will discuss the procedure and a nurse will assist in the administration of the IV iron infusion. Once you have received the infusion, you are generally able to go straight home and rest. It is recommended that you return to the clinic at a date requested by your doctor, to assess how the infusion has changed your iron deficiency levels.


The total out of pocket cost of the iron infusion is $269.95. You will be required to make a deposit of $100 at the time of booking to secure your appointment. On the day of the iron infusion, there will be an outstanding GAP payment of $169.95. 

Please note: The doctor will provide you with a script for the iron which you will purchase from the pharmacy prior to the appointment. This is a purchase that is separate to the iron infusion fee.

A woman laying in bed suffering from fatigue due to an iron deficiency
Feelings of extreme fatigue can be a sign of low iron levels